Julian Steinhousen

Player Julian Steinhausen talks about Team G's focus on fitness and how it increases his performance through movement. Julian has been working with Team G for 3 years now.

Lucas Grossman

Player Lucas Grossman talks about why he likes to train with Team G. Lucas has been training with Team G for one year.

Michael Scalera

Player Michael Scalera talks about the positive atmosphere surrounding Team G Academy and Coach Matthew's excellent quality of training. Michael has trained with Team G for 8 years.

Jerico Parker

Student, Jerico Parker, speaks on the drive that coach G puts into each student and how he motivates him in movement training to be the best everyday. Jerico and his brother Gibson have worked out with Team G for 7 years.

Ann Star

Team G parent, Ann Star, explains how Coach G offers a full package of physical and mental training, separating Team G from other coaches and academies. Her son Johnathan Starr has worked with Team G for 6 years.

Michael Kogan

Parent, Michael Kogan, shares his experience with Team G. His son Jackson has worked with Coach G for 3 years.

Adam Kessler

High School student, Adam Kessler, discuses the atmosphere that Team G creates and how Gerald Mathews is different from other coaches. Adam has been with Team G for 2 years.

Robbye Poole

Tennis pro and coach, Robbye Poole, trained with Gerald Mathews over a decade ago. They have continued to share students and industry tips over the years and work together on junior tournament and college placements.